Digital Railway Programme Management

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Project Outline

The Digital Railway Programme initiate each of the digital projects across the UK. This includes seeking business case approval from the Treasury, procurement events, ongoing provision of expert guidance where required and ensuring lessons learnt and best practice are shared across the portfolio.

Since May 2017, Mercury3 has provided a range of resources with previous Digital Railway experience (on Cambrian Railway and East Coast). This has included an engineering manager, programme manager, project interface lead, project manager and planner and business change and operations specialists. These individuals have embedded with the Network Rail staff to form a truly collaborative team, despite being geographically dispersed.

Key statistics

Project Digital Railway Programme
Client Network Rail
Services Various programme management resource
Duration May 2017 - present

Pat is always happy to provide expert technical advice and support where required and displays admirable behaviours and innovative thinking in order to solve the complex conundrums faced on the TRU programme.

Network Rail project colleague

Key Achievements

Development and submission of Strategic and Outline Business Cases; and liaison with the DfT to support treasury submission.

Several large value procurement events (East Coast and TRU)

Early engagement of supply chain, utilising a collaborative model.

Established cross-industry working and steering groups.