Manchester ROC Traffic Management

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Project Outline

The Manchester ROC Traffic Management is a ‘change and engagement’ led project which aims to improve operating performance by: reducing train delay, improving passenger information and improving the working environment for operations staff. During the development phase, the project was tasked with proposing solutions to ‘route problem statements’ concerning High Speed 2, Transpennine Route Upgrade and Castlefield Corridor.

The project originally formed part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) programme. During this time Mercury3 and Arcadis were commissioned to lead the business change workstream and collaborated to deliver the ‘Scoping’ and ‘Assessment’ phases.

When the project moved from the TRU programme to the NW&C region, Mercury3 were engaged not only to ensure a seamless transition, but to deliver:

  • Elements of the ‘Design’ phase, specifically Operating Model and Process workstreams.
  • Provide additional support to the stakeholder engagement and project management of the project.

Key statistics

Project Manchester ROC Traffic Management
Client North West & Central Region, Network Rail
Services Business Change, Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement
Duration May 2020 – June 2021

Kathryn brought a measured and calm assurance to the team, backed up with a real depth of knowledge of the client’s processes. She foresights the issues and is confident in raising those which might impact on project’s deliverables. Her style of working & tailored approach allows her to work fairly autonomously in developing her day-to-day work, calling on guidance and decision making only when it is needed. As commission lead, I greatly value this type of approach as it helps me manage my time.

Martin Chick

Business Transformation Lead, Arcadis

Our Service

To deliver the client’s vision, collaboration across many organisations within the industry was key.

For the design phase of the business change framework the prime focus of the Process workstream was to: complete “as is” process-mapping; creation of process architecture; and high-level change specifications for processes within operations, including signalling and control-led processes. To produce these deliverables we engaged with over 100 stakeholders, to ensure the outputs were user-centric. These varied from delivery partners, business functions, colleagues to clients.

We also provided additional project management support to the team, responsible for leading the stakeholder management workstream. This involved developing the Stakeholder Management Plan with the project Sponsor and all delivery partners, ensuring consistent and coordinated stakeholder engagements and chairing of the working group.

Our Graduate Consultant, Sophie Pearson, also identified and implemented a continuous improvement initiative outside of her initial remit. She identified that multiple organisations producing different levels of documentation was creating inefficient use of time. Therefore, she re-structured the workstream reporting process to remove duplication and tailored the document control and tracking system.

Kathryn demonstrated a very strong understanding of the client’s processes. She demonstrated a strong illustration on how these processes and any changes to them, will impact on other parts of the project. The impact of this knowledge has been borne out through Siemens, the technical partner, updating a number of their key deliverables to take into account the work Kathryn has done.

Kathryn is always willing to support others and share her knowledge and insight. Her proactive approach in managing team risks and contingencies, producing mechanisms to manage the team’s workload. She excelled at demonstrating to the team, the impact of changes on processes on the overall project, allowing more effective work-planning.

Project team colleague

Key Achievements

Project outputs were successfully delivered to schedule and within budget.

“As is” mapping and evaluation was completed for 56 processes, with recommendations to inform future stages presented to the project team.

Stakeholder Management Plan was identified as best practice, and then applied to other Traffic Management projects in the Eastern Region portfolio.

Sophie’s excellent work on the project’s Stakeholder Management Plan, and strategies has been of a very high standard. The plan became the template for our sister projects at York and Derby ROCs. She actively supported and led certain parts of the integrated Stakeholder Plan across all northern TM deployments, further extended support to the Project Sponsor on next steps work and much more. Sophie is a well-respected and valued member of the project.

Steve Marshall

Project Manager, Network Rail