Network Rail Customer Experience & Accessibility

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Project Outline

Network Rail’s Customer Experience & Accessibility team required a Project Manager to lead the team’s reorganisation and governance structure to assess workload, volume, and value of work. The role also involved providing support to the Great British Railway Transition Team.

This resulted in formalising reporting processes and generating high-level overviews of critical data produced by various teams. The role included project managing the transition of the Diversity Impact Assessment project to a business-as-usual position, the Google Street View Project at Managed Stations, and coordinating Customer Service Week for the System Operator.

Key statistics

Project Customer Experience & Accessibility - Managed Stations
Client Network Rail
Services Project Management
Duration 2021 - 2024

I work for TfL and have worked closely with Tanya and the Google Street View team over the last year, to deliver Street View into some of our busy/complex London stations. This project will enhance customer accessibility. Tanya did a fantastic job in picking up this project quickly and taking it forward after it had been stalled for some time. This required collaboration and facilitating across various complex workstreams to agree a NR DPIA and NR/Google contractual agreement … I know how difficult that was.  Tanya has continued to dedicate time and effort despite moving to a new role some months ago, to ensure the project stayed on course until a handover could be agreed. Tanya’s tenacity and commitment and hard work is matched by her affability and collaboration.  She keeps her cool despite the many hurdles and roadblocks.

Linda Loraine

Open Innovation Manager, Transport for London

Our Service

Mercury3 Consult provided Project Management and business support services. We offered a personalised approach with tailored services, working in an agile manner to accommodate changes within the business and organisational structure to meet the client’s needs.

We supported the Head of Customer Experience & Accessibility in his role within Network Rail and bridged his responsibilities with the Great British Railway Transition team. This support included assisting with investment papers, scope creation, commercial requirements, and the Accessibility Joint Code of Practice letter to the Department of Transport.

We provided project management services to create, collate and distribute all period business reporting via the National Scorecard and Managed Stations Steering Group reporting. This included the creation and implementation of the Managed Stations Business Report, and continual reporting of Customer Satisfaction scores to the Office of Rail and Road every period and Level 1 Business Assurance Committee.

The business support role focused on collecting and reporting data, including collating data for reports such as the Managed Stations quarterly business report for station managers and key station stakeholders. The role also involved leading the reporting for the national customer satisfaction scores across Managed Stations and the development of SOFT (successes, opportunities, failures, and threats) reports.

Tanya [has] a very constructive approach and [helped] drive work forward for us whilst being responsive to our needs! All work has been delivered to an incredibly high standard, she has been flexible and happy to deal with short notice changes and requests during a very challenging year for the team and a period of uncertainty. Huge thanks for everything [she’s] brought to the team and for supporting me personally with a wide and varied workload.

Malcolm Pitt

Head of Customer Experience & Accessibility, Network Rail

Key Achievements

Gained investment and approval for the Great British Railway Transformation team’s customer-related initiatives, such as Targeted Station Investment.

Created and implemented the Managed Stations Business Quarterly Report, providing Station Managers and staff with consistent information and data every quarter, all in one place, thereby reducing misalignment.

Successfully project-managed the transition of the Diversity Impact Assessment project to a business-as-usual state, now part of Network Rail’s E-Learning programme. This ensures Network Rail complies with the Public Sector Equality Duty under the Equality Act 2010. As a result, this has made Diversity Impact Assessments become standard practise at Network Rail and is completed for any business change involving people.

Rolled out Legacy Plaques across 20 Managed Stations to support the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

Successfully delivered Network Rail’s first-ever Customer Service Week event for Regions, and ran the System Operator session, focusing on accessibility at stations.

Gained Data Privacy approval and contractual approval via Network Rail legal counsel for the Google Street View Project at London Managed Stations. This project aligns with Network Rail’s aim to enhance accessibility at Managed Stations, supporting disabled users who prefer to pre-plan their journeys to reduce anxiety and potential obstacles. There are more than one billion monthly active users of Google Maps services. There are 360,000 registered blind people in the UK. Mystery shopping results show us that 49% of respondents stated they found the station difficult to navigate, with 28% suggesting improvements to wayfinding. This project helps users of Network Rail service plan their travel and journey through London Managed Stations more effectively.

Tanya’s leadership in the Google Street View project has been instrumental in securing approvals, resources, and streamlining operational processes. Her collaborative approach, like her work with Network Rail legal team and Transport for London stakeholders on the DPIA, [drove] swift issue resolution and project progress. Google deeply values Tanya’s partnership and dedication to enhancing the passenger experience.

Katya Makarova

Google Innovations Manager