TRU Railway Operations Expertise

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Project Outline

The Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) programme is a £2.9bn programme of works, tasked with delivering various strategic outputs including journey time improvements and capacity increases between Manchester and York, as part of the overall Northern Powerhouse works. In order to deliver these works, the programme is split into alliances and project teams.

Our operations team has cumulative experience of almost 200 years. Not only is this extensive, but it covers much of the railway spectrum from: operations and route control/performance manager; to station and area freight manager; to engineering access planning and project interface; to even teaching signalling principles to all levels. Which is why we have our highly experienced railway operations professionals embedded in the various teams across the whole TRU programme.

Our team are deployed to advise, assist, drive and develop the multitude of schemes which make up the TRU programme.

Key statistics

Project Transpennine Route Upgrade programme-wide
Client Various
Services Railway operations expertise
Duration May 2017 - present

His positive attitude and passion for working is brilliant and is great for team morale. He regularly helps people understand the ops world and how it works

Network Rail project colleague

Key Achievements

Chair of the European Train Control System (ETCS) national rule review group.

Development of Concept of Operations (conventional, ETCS and Traffic Management) with significant stakeholder recognition received.

Project interface and representative in various operations steering groups (route/national/digital).

Key Operations Interface for the delivery of Christmas 2019 Leeds Station improvement works.

Project Operations Interface for York to Leeds, developing the Operational Requirements.

Chris has a real passion for the subject area and is keen to share his knowledge and expertise with the team; this is really beneficial and valuable

Network Rail project colleague