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At Mercury3 Consult, we strongly believe that our social values drive and are integral to how we behave and operate as a business. Our Social Value Plan offers a guide to how we strive towards reaching our goals and aligns with our belief in generating a positive lasting legacy. By living through our values, we create the opportunity to maximise benefits in all areas of business and most importantly in the communities and environments we serve.

Our Social Value Plan

Our vision for our Social Value work is to provide a framework of priorities which encompass social, sustainability and environmental impacts which we can help deliver. These ambitions are summarised below and are integral to our business reporting.

As a growing business, our milestones have been chosen in alignment with the National TOMs (Themes, Outcomes and Measures) Framework 2017 with the acknowledgement of our capabilities and size but allowing us to remain ambitious in our passion to benefit the environments we connect with.

Our Key Result Areas

Our Social Value Key Result Areas for 2023/24 are:

  1. To see an increase in the utilisation of volunteer leave available to all Mercury3 Consult employees, supporting both charitable and environmental causes.
  2. To increase the number of additional wellbeing opportunities offered.
  3. Continue our ambition in employing and retaining local people and providing opportunities for upskilling.

Social value plays a crucial role in our business, shaping our corporate identity and helping to foster meaningful connections with our surrounding community. We recognise the importance of giving back and we actively engage with local charities that support vulnerable individuals and children in need.

This year, we established our first charitable charter, which serves as a framework for our commitment to supporting local organisations and helps to address regional challenges. This charter enables us to provide resources, funding, and expertise to initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of our communities and environment around us. By prioritising social value, we have not only made a difference to the lives of others, but have also nurtured a strong sense of purpose within our business.

Looking ahead, not only will we fulfil our commitments and but we’ll strive to reach our stretch targets that have been set by our Social Value Team at Mercury3. Additionally, we proactively seek new opportunities to further our commitment and dedication to creating a positive and lasting legacy.

Ian Watson, Alan Beattie, and Trevor Marshall

Managing Directors of Mercury3 Consult

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To find out more about Social Value Plan and Charitable Charter please download our guides below:

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